Your hardwood floors are looking worn and old. It’s time to make a decision. Should you refinish your hardwood floors or replace them completely? This decision is often made by people who work with us. It’s easy once you have the answers to some questions. These are the things you should know before making a decision.

What does Hardwood Floor Refinishing entail?

Hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished up to 4-5 times to look new. This involves sanding the surface to remove scratches, dents and stains. You can also change the color of your stain to give your wood a new look with refinishing. 

Always choose dust-free refinishing

The process of refinishing was messy and dusty. Carson Floor Sanding You don’t need to worry about dust during the sanding process. You are completely free from dust. We save time by not needing to seal rooms with plastic sheets to keep dust out. It’s a hit with our customers!


When replacing or refinishing flooring, the most important factor is its condition. Refinishing is the best option if the damage is not severe. If the damage is extensive and includes rot, water damage, or both, these planks will need to be replaced. These projects can be more complex and should be evaluated on a case by case basis.


Hardwood flooring that has been sanded many times and is more than a decade old cannot be refinished without causing damage to the flooring.Also, consider the material’s age. A professional can take a look at the material and determine if it is suitable for refinishing.


The style factor is the second, even if the floor is in good condition. A refinishing job can transform the floor and can also change the color of the stain.You can replace the floor if the design of your wood floor is not satisfactory – the type of wood used, the size of the planks or the basic layout.


Your schedule is another important factor. Refinishing is generally faster than replacing. Refinishing wood that has had many stains, scratches or other areas that require patching can take up to a week. Prefinished planks are easier to install than unfinished planks. There is no need for sanding or repair after installation. Prefinished flooring has other advantages. You can see exactly how it will look when it is installed. The factory finish is also more durable than any on-site finishes. Prefinished floors can be sanded later and refinished as long as it is solid wood and not engineered wood. Solid hardwood can generally be refinished. Most engineered wood cannot.


Refinishing hardwood floors is usually less expensive than replacing them. This is because you will need to pay for extra wood and labor to remove the old hardwood. Unfinished floors will need to be stained and sanded.

Bottom line: Unless you are unhappy with your hardwood floor layout or design, or if your floor is very old or damaged, refinishing hardwood floors will cost less than replacing them. We hope this helps you make a decision.

For more assistance, call us at 020 3151 0765.We’d be glad to assist you if you are looking to refinish or replace wood floors in your house. We will even give you a free estimate in your home.


largeWhen you’re searching for reasons to buy hardwood floors you understand Hardwood flooring has been and remains one of the most popular and preferable choices for home decor and also for commercial premises. Hardwood flooring offers a natural and warm vibe to residential or commercial area where it’s installed. It may be simple to set up and maintain. This is why hardwood flooring have gotten must-have accessories for any home. In the end, picking right floor type can make the whole look more attractive. If you’re looking for new flooring for your area, you need to consider hardwoods. There is multitude of reasons that you these flooring solutions; here are a few reasons amongst them discussed under:

Easy Maintenance:

Do you possess a heavy traffic home (Children and pets)? Want to clean up your whole space? Then, you ought to make a purchase of hardwood flooring for sale. Floors manufactured from wood can offer a superb advantage to high traffic locations. They are durability without compromising on the quality and ultimate beauty. They could stand up really well to plenty of traffic and may be refinished by sanding and discoloration when they actually need a tiny pickup. Remember that, the Simple care is an Integral reason why Folks enjoy them the most:

Durability: —

Hardwood floor can manage a substantial quantity of traffic, mischievous kids, as well as pets. They’re extremely much resistant and durable; that develop a nice excellent sealer and a protective equipment.

In the end, wood is an all-natural substance that could stand up in the summit to a good deal of everyday wear and tear during the years of usage. Even though it can persist for a lifetime and past, it may be a sound selection for your living area. And you also can not fail with this flooring type; particularly if you’re searching for something which will last a longterm!

Stylish and Versatile: —shutterstock_363722432

If you are looking for new flooring options on the market, you have an absolutely wide assortment of alternatives available to you from the wood flooring section. Literally availability of hundred plus colours, several building types, and surface textures imply that there is obviously a wood floor ideal for any flavor and any area of your house, even the cellar area.

If you are coping with your own present flooring, rest assured that hardwood floors can be stained and refinished in any possible colors, offering you with lots of affordable choices when it comes to redecorating your living room. Besides, if you are considering new flooring, just forget about tile and carpeting rather consider a purchase of hardwood flooring available which can raise the value of your home and make it seem more beautiful than sooner!

Narrowing Your Choices: —

Hardwood flooring gives an attractive selection for every single stylistic and practical purpose. The ambiance that a quality wood floor can create in both a home or commercial setting can not be underestimated!

Diagonal / Angled Wood Floors

diagonal-wood-flooring-fired-earth-remodelista-700x400My favorite. Putting your timber flooring diagonally instantly modernizes your house , which makes it seem chic and costly.

The disadvantage to doing diagonal hardwood flooring is that they do cost a bit more in both materials and labour . But, I believe, if you can afford it, then it is well worth the splurge and you are going to end up happy you did it.

In reality, the above picture is from a friend’s house who installed these flooring almost five decades back. He is still thrilled with his choice and gets compliments on it all of the time.

Will the wood fad last in 2020 and beyond?
Could it be a fad if it is uncommon? I believe so.

Yes, expect to find these angled wood flooring every once in awhile for a long time to come. The rareness, in my view, means this tendency will not immediately grow older like other people — I expect it to have an extended shelf life.

Gray Wood Floors

1526980_762500830514736_8631364949849127634_nFive years ago, you could have called the grey trend fresh or up-and-coming. But now? Is it a trend anymore?

But if by”fashion” you mean hot and applicable, then heck, yes!

Gray floors, especially gray wood, has grown exponentially during the last ten years. Producers tiptoed onto the scene, producing a couple of gray appearances here and there to see how homeowners could respond.

Well, they responded alright! Gray quickly became the hottest trend, not just for floors, but but for homes in general. When I remodeled my house, I went for a timber look flooring with a touch of gray and bold grey doors and baseboards. Everyone comments on the ground and the baseboards — grey is obviously a winner.

Along with looking chic and fashionable, gray flooring set the tone of a trendy, contemporary home. They offer you a neutral background for decorating in virtually any color. Aquas, greens, bright bold colours or black and white — they will all go with your sleek gray flooring.

Will the gray wood trend last in 2020 and beyond?

In reality, grey will probably stay in style at least till it’s time for you to buy new floors anyway.

Flooring ideas for reclaimed parquet.

parquet_chene_authentique_topaze_diva-e1485439785129Our client base has really started to change. There are many young designers and architects considering how to use our material in finishes that are creative. People today start looking for creative inspiration and flooring thoughts on social media platforms such as Instagram where thoughts flow.

‘As reclaimed’ finish

We have supplied reclaimed parquet floors that have been fitted without being sanded in any respect. This creates a’lived in’, or even a random appearance, like the floors pictured below. We’ve got a commercial demand for this type of parquet, for use in stores, offices, bars and cinemas.

The issue with’no-sanding’ is that this requires block that’s in great condition. Ideally it all would have been thicknessed so that there are no’excursions’ between the cubes. This looks cool but is generally costly. The blocks will need to be the very best condition available. They will call for fitting-clean preparation as well as thicknessing before going close to the store floor.

A flooring with character

The next option is to sand with care to get a floor with personality. This usually means utilizing the coarsest grit sanding belts accessible to remove the worst of all the old lacquer and dirt. Then, when you are pleased with the’appearance’ of this floor, go on to the next sanding passes using a medium grit, followed by a finer grit and so on. This usually means that you have stopped removing material and you are at the finishing stage in terms of the way the floor will look. The floor will be more’aged’ in look.

Finish with a matt or satin lacquer or hard-wax oil to seal the floor and keep the’worn’ style.

Back to bare

This is a clean fresh look. More or less how the parquet could have appeared when first installed 50 or 80 decades back. Sanding until nothing of the old coating or dirt is left, produces a neat, pristine floor, regardless of the substance being reclaimed.

A great deal of individuals love this style. It’s possible to complete it super-glossy, satin or very flat matt lacquer or hard-wax oil. Whichever you pick will make your style announcement.

And finally…

Parquet has ever been a quality floor selected because of its hard-wearing properties. In the past, many of us have sat on a school assembly hall flooring, extremely glad it was timber.

Customers both residential and designers are taking a look at using parquet in other ways also. On the floor and then continuing up it the walls for example. Making table tops, cupboard doors and work-tops. We shouldn’t squander timber that’s got a useful life. Reclaimed parquet can still have yet another incarnation.

We’d be very interested to find out about your flooring thoughts.


shutterstock_507145186It provides full pleasure to the owner of a house to put in wooden flooring. The simple fact that the upkeep isn’t as gruesome as carpets, it’s regarded as a preferable option for many houses. But along with frequently maintaining wooden flooring, it is vital to refurbish the floors on odd occasion.

This process of refurbishing wooden flooring can be simple or tedious; this depends on the skill of the person undertaking the task. It is best if given to specialist services to carry out the job, as they are experienced with hardwood floors and you do not have to go through a great deal of effort doing it yourself.

Test your Flooring

It’s imperative to check the floors before beginning to refinish it. Drop some droplets of water on the wooden flooring, if the water forms droplets the ground, it probably doesn’t require sanding yet. But when the water becomes absorbed into the floor, you have to acquire the flooring revamped to protect it.

Educating yourself

As stated earlier, the most ideal way is to hire a professional cleaning agency. It may cost you somewhat but it’s a whole lot better than risking the flooring to your skills that are inexperienced. Get the dimension of the area that needs sanding and receive a quote for this. Clear the area before the refinishing is supposed to begin.


Wait for a little while before transferring the furniture and other stuff into the space again. Following the finishing is completed, wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Be sure that the floor is totally dry before wiping with the moist cloth.

Refurnishing your hardwood floors once in a while is no damage to your flooring neither your pockets. Why be careless and replace the entire floor when you’re able to shell out a little in keeping it?

With or without carpet?

With or without carpet?
Beautifully finished hardwood floors can present your house a sophisticated, classic appearance, and are simpler to keep clean than carpets. In these instances, you greatly have to do some hardwood floor repair, in order to provide a fresh new appearance to your own classic wood flooring you can succeed in hardwood floor renovation with sanding!
You might believe that floor board replacement is really a job that’s reserved just for the professionals – It’s true! We believe it is always better to renovate or restore an existing wooden floor rather than replace it! Do not hide your damaged floor with a carpet, this is one of the things that our clients are doing and then after years they decide that it is time for sanding, but it the sooner the better! It is mo much more easy to find spills, pet hair, crumbs and debris on hardwood floors than carpet. Wood floors needs to be cleaned and vacuumed more often than carpet. Designers says that trend is toward hard surfaces in flooring, such as wood and tile.
There is an enormous variety of woods, and many more colours, to choose from than several years ago!
We generate any variety of wood floor and doing incredible work! You can trust to our skilled experts! Maybe you’re our next happy customer!


Hardwood flooring – luxury or necessary?

Hardwood flooring – luxury or necessary?


Everyone wants to have luxurious and beautiful homes and for that they are willing to spend money on them. Flooring is quite important factor in each home interior and it completes the whole look of the area. Nowadays flooring for homes is available in different materials. An old saying says that while building a new house, flooring is the thing which cannot be ignored. This is why the elegance and benefits of hardwood flooring can not be ignored. Solid hardwood is a versatile flooring it is a good choice for main living areas, kitchens, dens and offices and many more! Hardwood floors handle the foot traffic better than any other floor type. When you have children with many toys, and even dogs or other pets this is the right choice for your home interior.With a quality protective coat, along with normal maintenance and cleaning, hardwood floors will be looking great for many decades. This is a seriously durable flooring option. One more benefit of a hardwood floors is that they are easy to clean, and allergens can be removed quickly with a slightly damp mop. Even if one day you need to sale the property with a hardwood floors, they bring quality, warmth and elegance that can make them great advantage! These floors can be refinished five to seven times before they need to be replaced. Therefore, their life can extend to hundred years or more. If you compare the total cost of a hardwood flooring over fifty years with other types that need to be replaced every three years- the cost is quite competitive ! So luxury or necessary, we think that it is much more of a smart choice!

The Best Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors

The Best Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors

-Prep your floor for cleaning by sweeping or dust-mopping to get rid of large particles of dirt and debris.
-Use a pH neutral cleaner that will be gentle on your hardwood floors.
-Use a fine spray mist to clean your floor in sections. Avoid putting too much liquid on your floors.
-Use a microfiber mop to clean. Traditional mops can work, but they can leave excess water on your floors.
-Skip using white vinegar and water to clean your floors. Using a specially formulated hardwood floor care cleaner is a smart way to maintain the beauty and look of your floors.